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Identifying Your Business Strengths and Flaws Doesn’t Have to be an Uphill Battle

August 1, 2019

Most other accountants don't provide strategic planning, but our accountants are uniquely Level 5 Certified Advisors, which means we go above and beyond simply assisting you with your taxes. Through our program, we are able to help businesses advance by comparing and identifying potential problem areas that might be holding you back from the growth you desire from your business.


Improving Your Business by Industry Benchmarking

July 12, 2019

As a business owner you need to know how your business is performing. Both in comparison to prior years and to your competitors. With this data in hand changes can be made to your business resulting is a significant increase to your bottom line.


Transitioning your business to our CPA family is simpler than you imagine

July 12, 2019

Transitioning to Cunningham Powell Alexander, A.C. doesn’t have to be a hassle for your business. At CPA, we have specialists who are trained and qualified to help get you through that process with our onboarding program, so you don’t have to deal with the confusion and frustration of integrating your data into our CPA ecosystem. Not all accounting firms have an onboarder to help you through this process.


QuickBooks Online Integration

June 13, 2019

Let’s not underestimate the importance of keeping a reliable and accurate set of books. QuickBooks has provided several accounting software options over the years, such as desktop, enterprise, and online versions. It is no surprise that QuickBooks holds more than 95% of the accounting software market. The QuickBooks Online (QBO) version has proven to be one of the most integrated software options available.


Business Valuations

How much is your business worth? At some point in time all business owners are faced with this question. There are also two corollary questions:


Our New Website!

Cunningham Powell Alexander, A.C. is excited to announce the recent launch of our firm’s new website. We’ve been working very hard to enhance our website and give our firm a fresh look. We’ve also continued to research and identify the latest and greatest technologies to improve the services we provide and ensure we continue to meet your needs.

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