Business Valuations

How much is your business worth? At some point in time all business owners are faced with this question. There are also two corollary questions:

  1. When are you going to answer this question?
  2. How are you going to answer this question?

For many business owners the company is a significant portion of their retirement plans. We monitor the value of our stocks and bonds portfolios, often on a daily basis. Should we wait until it is time to sell our business to determine its value? Or should we periodically value our business and then look for ways to increase its value? How should we value our businesses?

For answers to these questions contact Dan Powell, who is Accredited in Business Valuations by the AICPA, or Travis Williston, a Level 5 Certified Advisor, to help with your valuation and business performance needs. Together we can create a true look into your company and determine what performance improvements can be made. Only by seeing the full picture can you understand the best ways to move forward!

To get a valuation of your business and find out exactly where you stand, contact our office at 304-292-9469 and schedule a meeting today!

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