QuickBooks Online Integration

June 13, 2019

Let’s not underestimate the importance of keeping a reliable and accurate set of books. QuickBooks has provided several accounting software options over the years, such as desktop, enterprise, and online versions. It is no surprise that QuickBooks holds more than 95% of the accounting software market. The QuickBooks Online (QBO) version has proven to be one of the most integrated software options available.

Important questions to consider: 

  1. Why does integration matter?
  2. How does QBO help keep my books reliable and accurate?
  3. What other benefits can be derived from using a highly integrated program?

Answering these questions is best accomplished by explaining how QBO is integrated through its multiple import and export features.

First, QBO has great integration features internally to allow it to link with many other programs such as: Square, Bill Pay, Expensify, TSheets, SOS Inventory, multiple bank and credit card company’s bank feeds, among other connections. By linking your bank and credit card, data from these accounts flows automatically into QBO for easier classifications and reconciling. Each app, once set up, will automatically import data into QBO for easier payroll, sales tracking, invoice tracking, and inventory tracking. Having automatic data imports reduces errors due to inputting because the data is pulled straight from source data.

Second, when setting up Chart of Accounts in any version, you can edit and modify account names and numbers to match many different software such as Thomson Reuters Accounting CS (ACS). By having the same account numbers and names, in both ACS and QBO, the programs integrate and allow easy transfer of transactions or balances for using other Thomson Reuters products such as Ultra Tax. Having good integration with Ultra Tax leads to more reliable and accurate tax return preparation because it reduces the possibility of input errors.

Third, QBO can provide easy and extensive reports through integration with programs such as ProfitCents to offer management, great visual reports, and dashboards to better understand where the company is performing compared to prior years and other companies in its Industry.

For answers on what options are available for your business, contact Susan Graziani, an experienced CPA in QuickBooks software and integration and our team’s On-boarding Specialist.

To allow us to assist you in improving your business’s books, please contact our office at 304-292-9469 and schedule a meeting today! You’ll be glad you did!

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