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Leaving your assets to the next generation may be easy or it may be complex. Regardless, it can be a mysterious and confusing process to contend with. Our firm can guide you through the maze. And you can plan your legacy with peace of mind.

We specialize in the Estate and trust need of the moment. If a client passes away, we can assist in the probate process and help you file the required financial statements. Estate and trust planning is as much a finance and tax issue as it is a legal issue. For the legal issues, we will refer you to a qualified attorney. But until you get there, we can be your starting point. Gifting, we can help. Spousal death, we got you. Basic financial concepts of estates and trusts, we can teach you. Focus on your need, we will round out your understanding. Save money, call us first.

James F. Alexander, CPA, CFP® teaches the fundamentals of estate planning in the WVU School of Business & Economics for the Finance Department.  He instructs students in the probate process in the State of West Virginia. Additional subject matter covers the English history of the courts of equity, wills, trusts, the WV Appraisement and Inventory forms, estate and trust tax (Form 706) and income tax concepts (Form 1041), gifting (Form 709), estate freezing techniques for businesses, charitable giving strategies and more.

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